“Our own chemistry is complex in nature which is reliant on the equilibrium and perfect synchronicity of life to maintain health and well-being. Choose life, make your own destiny. Ever since the moment we are born we are changing and evolving just like the seasons and nature. Things will happen to us and around us that is out of our control. Some happy. Some heart breaking. Remain true to yourself and who you are.

Strong and powerful.”


Reiki is a non-invasion complementary therapy, said to use to natural energy flow for health and well-being. Its gentle nature means that Reiki is suitable for all ages. I often people combine Reiki with other therapies in order to enhance your whole experience.


Treatment with Reiki energy is said to help re-balance the whole person in mind, body and spirit and is a holistic therapy. Potential benefits of Reiki are believed to include:

  • Deep relaxation, relieving symptoms of stress and tension.

  • Reduce Fatigue.

  • A positive impact on mood and performance.

  • A general sense of good health and well-being. 

Treatment Time & Pricing

Treatment time for Reiki typically lasts one hour. Your initial session will cost £50.00 with follow-up sessions priced at £45.00.

I offer concessions for pensioners and those on benefits.