"With each dawning we have a chance to start anew. Look at our lives differently and in times of trouble we reflect on the good. There is no time for regret. Life is short. We never know what is going to come around the next corner. Live each day and love with all your heart.

Love yourself. Take care of you"


Reflexology involves the laying on of hands to certain pressure points on the feet or hands. Our vital energy flows through our feet to the whole of our body which allows them to be a means of non-invasive healing, by balancing the energy flow, relieving pain and stress. We refer to this 'dis-ease'.


There are many benefits to receiving and performing your own Reflexology. These include:

  • Reduce stress and improve sleep.

  • Relieve pain.

  • Improve energy.

  • Help hormone imbalances and improve fertility.

  • Improve health and promote your own healing.

  • Relieve 'burn out' and feel happier.

Treatment Time & Pricing

Treatment time for Reflexology typically lasts one to two hours.

Your initial session will cost £50.00 with follow-up sessions priced at £45.00.

I offer concessions for pensioners and those on benefits.