• Dawn Henderson

Fear & Frustration

Today has been ‘one of those days’. Rows, parking fines, & technology challenges

not to mention the dreary weather. So, how to rise above all this?

I felt so tearful and the more I tried to suppress it, the more it insisted on bubbling to

the surface. So out it CAME!!! I cried in my car, my space…that’s usually where these

feeling are given permission to overflow. 30 minutes later with a wet t.shirt, a swollen

nose any gin drinker would be proud of and red gothic style eyelids, I returned to my

therapy room and reached for the rose quartz. Rose Quartz is my recommended rescue remedy. I didn’t stop with the necklace but for good measure, inserted several tumbles

in my under garments and about my person to restore my equilibrium and calm my anxious state. The properties of this little pink gem are: 
Releasing & Clearing

(in a gentle but strong way)
Comforting & Restoring of ‘self love’

So if you want to dissolve your anger and soothe your fear, try rose quartz…

it’s power cannot be underestimated.


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